The Queen's Last Summer at Memorial Castle

The Queen of England spent her last summer at Balmoral Castle, filled with memories of her married life with Prince Philip.

A source close to the British Royal Family said Queen Elizabeth II spent the happy, happy months entertaining many family members and friends before her death at Balmoral Castle in Scotland, the holiday home. her traditional summer.

Balmoral Castle, Scotland. Photo: PA

The castle full of purple flowers and the memory of Prince Philip is a source of great comfort for the Queen after the most difficult time. The departure of her husband of 73 years and the troubles that Harry and Meghan brought after giving up their royal duties, and the scandal surrounding their son Prince Andrew, made her "deeply heartbreaking." " for the past two years, the source said.

"His Majesty has always been discreet but can see how heartbreaking the past has been. She has been very sad and has not had an easy time," the source said.

When the Queen arrived at Balmoral at the end of July, she first moved into the smaller seven-bedroom Craigowan estate, then moved to Balmoral Castle more than a kilometer away on August 9. The highland air seems to bring a more comfortable and light feeling.

Queen Elizabeth II with Prince Philip at Balmoral Castle in September 1976. Photo: PA

The Queen is accompanied by a number of loyal employees, including the great butler Paul Whybrew, standing at nearly 2 meters tall, and Barry Mitford, her bodyguard. Two aides are the Queen's companions, bringing her the Racing Post every day, and sitting with her watching the races on television.

Besides the Queen, there is also Angela Kelly, who takes the position of personal assistant, advisor and manager to the Queen. Angela is also known as "AK47", who is always fierce in matters of protecting the Queen.

The Queen has spent the last few weeks of her life enjoying the country life she loves. She and Prince Philip, have spent the happiest times here as a normal couple, when not having to perform royal duties. The Queen has published photos taken with Her Royal Highness in Balmoral after his death.

She often takes a slow walk in the garden, enjoying the fresh air. Many members of the royal family have visited her, most recently the William-Kate family. Prince Edward, the Queen's youngest son, and Princess Sophie, whom the Queen loves and considers her second daughter, and two granddaughters who call the Queen uncle, are also regularly present.

The Queen and Prince Philip vacation at Balmoral, in this photo released in April 2021, when the Prince passed away. Photo: British Royal Family.

The source said the Queen does not have a chronic illness, but has recently lost weight and is in pain. The Royal Family announced that the Queen passed away peacefully at Balmoral Palace on the afternoon of September 8, aged 96. Britain will hold 10 days of national mourning in memory of the Queen.

"It's been a fun summer in Balmoral, with lots of walks and picnics and barbecues, just like when the Queen and Prince were young. The Queen wasn't always present at the fun, but She participated in some," the source said.

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