Experience studying abroad in New Zealand through a summer program

New Zealand implements many summer study abroad programs for Vietnamese students to help them gain practical experience before officially studying abroad.

New Zealand Summer Study Abroad Programs (KSSP) are designed based on the characteristics of Vietnamese students so they can experience the real life of an international student in New Zealand.

With the High School program group, students participate in regular classes with local and international friends. They can study according to the schedule with a local student in the form of "buddy". Some programs allow learners to choose subjects from a variety of fields such as linguistics, arts and engineering sciences, along with general subjects in classes here.

A classroom in New Zealand. Photo: ENZ

The program also offers many options for after-school activities in New Zealand with dozens of cultural clubs, sports, arts or outdoor experiences. Thanks to that, Vietnamese students have the opportunity to interact with many different fields, depending on their personal interests and strengths.

With the program group aiming at preparing for university level, students focus on improving their "real-life" English skills in a global environment, visiting quality universities and vocational training facilities and New Zealand business.

Representatives of groups of students from Ban Mai School and FPT High School who participated in the New Zealand Summer Study Abroad program at Pacific International Hotel Management School (PIHMS) shared that they learned a lot. Useful skills for the career journey, life skills through contests of making mocktails, making bed sheets, practicing management... The group also had the opportunity to experience the process of organizing a large event for nearly 300 guests.

Most New Zealand summer study abroad programs arrange for young people to live with a host family (homestay). These families are carefully selected and welcome international students according to the country's laws.

Besides eating and drinking with the host, students live with the homestay family on weekends through games, tours, picnics... Thus, they live in a 24-hour foreign language communication environment. /7, practice academic English in the classroom and improve practical application ability when chatting with friends and native families.

Students participating in a summer study abroad program in New Zealand stay with host families. Photo: ENZ

After the program, students can equip themselves with independent skills and better understand the cuisine, living habits and communication styles of the people here. Pham Huu Nhat Minh - a student participating in the summer study abroad program at Macleans College recounted that the environment here is very clean and the people are also friendly.

"I learned many things about independence and efforts to develop myself. I want to return to New Zealand to study long-term because I already love New Zealand," the male student added .

Students can also choose to stay in a dormitory (hostel) to expand connections with international friends and practice living habits and skills in a collective environment.

For young people planning to study abroad, these programs are "pre-trip" trips to experience the international environment before starting a long journey in New Zealand. Through this, students broaden their horizons, practice leadership skills, critical thinking, and intercultural skills, thereby laying the foundation to become global citizens.

Outside of class, extracurricular activities are an opportunity for children to explore nature. June - July is autumn - winter in New Zealand. Therefore, students can participate in a glacier walk in the morning, surf in the afternoon, enjoy the autumn forests or try their hand at skiing.

Students participate in extracurricular programs in New Zealand. Photo: ENZ

Depending on interests and future orientation, parents can choose the appropriate program, thereby planning their child's learning path. Some programs allow parents to accompany their children throughout the program. Parents at home can also monitor their children's learning progress weekly from online platforms.

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