Experience in winning scholarships to study STEM in the UK for women

Candidates who were accepted into the UK STEM scholarship program for women all emphasized the role of expressing their aspirations and passions in their essays.

This year, the ASEAN - UK SAGE program (ASEAN-UK SAGE) and the British Council both offer many full scholarships in STEM fields for women. The scholarship covers tuition, stipend, travel expenses, visa and health insurance fees. Scholarship winners will also receive a refund of the IELTS exam fee (if any).

The latest application deadline is April 30, depending on the school. Vietnamese students can apply for the ASEAN-UK SAGE Scholarship with STEM majors at Warwick University; and the British Council Women in STEM Scholarship for STEM majors at the University of Bristol.

After four years of operation, the Women in STEM scholarship has been awarded to many Vietnamese scholars. Among them, Nguyen Thanh Huyen (born in 1999, Ho Chi Minh City) received a scholarship for the 2023-2024 school year. She is studying a Masters in Applied Statistics in Health Sciences at the University of Strathclyde, a prestigious school known for its technological advancement and commitment to social progress.

Ms. Huyen affirmed that showing sincerity and always being yourself is the most important factor in the application process for the STEM scholarship program. "Take the time to clearly describe your career goals and how this scholarship can support those goals," she emphasized.

Nguyen Thanh Huyen won a full STEM scholarship for women in 2023-2024. Photo: Provided by the character

In her application and interview round, she conveyed her enthusiasm and sincere commitment to her chosen field of study. Besides, starting to prepare your application early will help female candidates have time to answer questions more carefully, then review it many times to edit clearly and accurately and ask for feedback from people who believe.

Similar to Thanh Huyen, Bui Thi Tu Anh (born 1995, Dong Nai) graduated with a Master's degree in Sustainable Development, Entrepreneurship and Design from Brunel University London in 2022 - 2023 thanks to this scholarship program. She came to the STEM field because she previously studied economics.

Tu Anh (far right) in the Sustainability, Entrepreneurship & Design class of 2022. Photo: Provided by the character

After working in the garment manufacturing industry, Tu Anh became interested in sustainable development and won a STEM scholarship for women from the British Council thanks to her desire to develop the garment manufacturing industry in a green, neutral direction. between environmental and social factors, as well as profits.

"The Women in STEM scholarship greatly supports women pursuing this field, creating learning conditions to develop the highest skills for scholars," the female master added.

Receiving a STEM scholarship for women in the 2023-2024 school year, Nguyen Thi Hong Nhung (born in 1999, Phu Tho) is studying the Master of Data Science program at Middlesex University. Sharing her experience hunting for scholarships, she said that in the scholarship essay, candidates should clearly convey their passion for the STEM field and commitment to developing a career in this field.

Nguyen Thi Hong Nhung - female scholar receiving a full scholarship in STEM fields for women in 2023 - 2034. Photo: Provided by the character

"In particular, highlight achievements, experiences, or challenges that greatly influenced your career path as you pursue STEM. Don't hesitate to seek guidance from teachers, advisors, and friends." , she gave advice.

Like the three scholars above, Nguyen Nguyen Thao (born in 1997, Gia Lai) also believes that believing in one's abilities, achievements and expressing oneself through a scholarship essay is an important factor leading to success. success. Currently, she is studying for a Master's degree in Global Public Health at Newcastle University.

"You should spend time reflecting on the past, present and future to have the most reasonable answers to the series of questions in the application. Remember to show your determination in the essay with sentences life story. This will make you stand out from other candidates," the female British international student emphasized.

Nguyen Nguyen Thao is studying for a Master of Global Public Health at Newcastle University. Photo: Provided by the character

STEM scholarships for women from the UK require candidates to have a bachelor's degree; have sufficient English proficiency to study master's courses; can take a full-time course in this country from September or October 2024 - 2025. Besides, candidates need to prove their work experience or interest in this field; Passionate about science and willing to share as an alumni recipient of a British Council scholarship.

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